9007686005 Vent Damper KIT

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9007686005?Vent Damper?KIT DAMPER

Model Number?Model SKU?Model Brand?Description

JW840T40P-AV-ES2 101?B4524?John Wood?WH 40USG T AV ES2 LP JW

JW850T40P-AV-ES2 101?B5524?John Wood?WH 50USG T AV ES2 LP JW

G840S40N-AV-ES2 100?B4508?GSW?WH 40USG AV ES2 NG RENT

JW840S40P-AV-ES2 101?B4504?John Wood?WH 40USG AV ES2 LP JW

JW850S40N-AV-ES2 100?B5500?John Wood?WH 50USG AV ES2 NG JW

WP950S40N-AV-ES2 100?B5511?John Wood?WH 50USG AV ES2 NG WP 9YR

G940S40P-AV-ES2 101?B4505?GSW?WH 40USG AV ES2 LP GSW

JW840S40N-AV-ES2 100?B4500?John Wood?WH 40USG AV ES2 NG JW

G640S40N-AV-ES2 100?B4503?GSW?WH 40USG AV ES2 NG RHC

JW840T40N-AV-ES2 100?B4520?John Wood?WH 40USG T AV ES2 NG JW

JW850T40N-AV-ES2 100?B5520?John Wood?WH 50USG T AV ES2 NG JW

G850S40N-AV-ES2 100?B5508?GSW?WH 50USG AV ES2 NG RENT

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Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 18 × 18 cm


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